Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day. (:

Happy Father's Day daddyy! (:
Can't tell you face to face so i will tell you here.

happy father day!
I love you and miss you alot tooo! ):
I still rmb the days when you're around me..
The pamelo skin, the vitagen and alot moreeee. :D
Hope tht times goes back.
I guess your life thr's very great rytee?
Anyway, i love you daddy.  Happy father's day! (:

Cried this morning. Damn.
I gave up on my performance, hahah.
Seriously can't believe i did that.
It's a really important performance for me and i just gave up. :/
Sorry teacher, i got my reasons.
Gonna go to the airport to fetch my mum later. (:
Chinese exam tmrrr. Good luck friends!

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