Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Everything comes to zero in the end. ♥

Gonna go out with a friend tmr.
Cant wait. My cakeeee! :D

Things are annoying these days.
Hate it when rumours spread.
My simple life got rumours again. -,-
XX, seriously, dont have to make it tht abvious and tell everyone you know.
F this school's teacher man.
So annoying. :/
Somemroe talk about money only, wtf.
Haih. Slept at 12smth just to sms some stupid ASS HOLEEE.
Bought a new phone today, without my mum knowing. :p
Shhhh. xD
It cheap, rm365 only. (:
Exam's coming soon, like in two. day. ):
Dont really ready and prepare yet. Damn.
Hate maths, stupid annoying numbers. :/

It's a short update for today, eheheh. :p

Good luck in your examsss!

My current fb p.p (:
Love it! (Y)

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