Sunday, May 22, 2011


I thought the news were spreading tht 5.21 yesterday was the end of the world?
I'm still alive now though. lol.
i'm quiet free today.
I wake up and eat and text and sleep and study. -.-
I can't wait for tmr, i wanna see someone. :p
Wonder how's tht person's weekend?
I asked yiwei about who he likes now,
he din't bother telling me.
He ask me to guess and dont want to tell me his answer. Wtf.
I spended my last night at my neighbour's houseeee! :D
We were like laughing and hanging out,
i spended most of the time surfing the internet though. :p
Kay, it's a short post.
Bye peepss! I'm gonna continue designing my blog. (:

-时间是自己给的,加油吧陈蕙明!- (:

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