Thursday, May 12, 2011

12.5.2011 (:

星期二..学校举办了运动会.我参加了 1500m,800m,4x100m,4x400m. 刚开始我真的很怕我跑不到 1500m.. 热身后,我就一直在想我等下要怎样跑完.. 最后我和Cheng 一起跑. 但是到后面时,我没有听她说..没有等她..
Our class's people are really AWESOME! All of them work hard and got in final except for some of them.. Oh well, at least they tried. (: Me, Thingz, Shin Hui, CC participate 4x100m and 4x400m. We gt in final and rule! i cant wait for monday already. ( I'm still a little afraid of 4x400m though..) I (Y) JR2J so muchhhhh! :D Everyone, good luck and all the best on Monday!
  As long you done your best, it's perfect already. it's okat though some of us din't went in to final, we've done our best. To those who gt in final, dont remember ar, TOP 3 gt SUSHI ZAMAI! :D Jiayou lah! (:

Thingz, Shin Hui, CC..
     I love you guys sooo muchh! We did a great job on tuesday. Thanks to you guys. (; Through this time sport's day, we gt closer and hang out with each other better and more. Hope it will keep it up! :D Dont forget ar, we're gonna RULE on monday! xDD!

JR 2J! You guys rock! I <3 youuuuuu!. xD

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