Thursday, August 4, 2011


Chelsea came to my house ytd and today and fun and blahblahblah. Well it was fun but i wish Meigie and Solji can be here tooooooo! :( Oh well. Hahahahahahahahah, me and Chelsea went to starbucks ytd and today and bought mcd for lunch :D We were laughing like mad, lol? WE BOUGHT THOUNDS OF JUNK FOOD. Ehehehehehehehehe! :D Dont know why i suddenly feel down during evening D: Haih. :\
Cant wait for Saturday! I wanna go back to kch so badly! :( And Sunday tooooooooo! I MISS MY DOLPHIN. Eeshhhhhh. Forget about it for tonight and have fun with Chel, oh yeahh! hahah. I guess we wont sleep until midnight huh? She's sleeping over, for the very first time <3 WE SHALL SLEEP IN THE MORNING. :p
Kay, bye peeeeeps. Not really in a mood to continue writing, just writing this to update my blog since it's gonna be dead. (:
   These are some photos of these days. (:

Chelsea, me (Y)

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