Sunday, July 3, 2011

Everything's gonna be fineee.

Went to Pavillion today with my mum.
First thing thr is to eat SNOWFLAKES. Hahaah.
Was thinking about Thingz and Chun kit when i ate it cause they were my first 2 friends that went to eat snowflakes with me and told me how to go thr. :D
So wish i can go with them another time. (:
So.. Thingz were alright today.
As usual, i miss my friends. ):
I used to hope monday to reach faster so that i can go to school and see my friends,
but now.. I just hope it's holiday everyday so that i can go back to Kch to visits my friends.
Saw Thingz bolg just now, and those photos she post on it.
Miss those times man. We took quiet alot of photos on the last day, hahahaha. CHEESE! xD
I guess she's right.
Without me, they're still good. Just that a voice's not thr anymore. (:
Gotta be stronggg!
Haven got my uniforms yet, getting it tmr.
Gotta sleep now, byeeeee! (:

snowflakes. (:

My half eaten toroball series. :p

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